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An Excellent Moving Service in Edmonton, AB!

Movers 4 Sure offers a brilliant moving service to anyone in need. If you are from the Edmonton, AB area and on the brink of moving home or commercial buildings, you’d be glad to know we have the necessary equipment and determination to take all your belongings, furniture, and equipment and drive them carefully, to their new location!


Our Services


Residential Moving

Residential Moving
People move for different reasons, from wanting a change of scenery to needing more room for a growing family to not being able to afford to pay for a larger space any longer. There are countless reasons for a residential move, and most time, the process needs to happen rather quickly! We can move anything from your house to the desired location!

Commercial Moving

Commercial Moving
Professional office movers help those who are already too busy dealing with a business and have no time to dwell on details. If you’re in the process of moving out your entire office, all kinds of equipment and furniture, might we make a suggestion? We’ll be cautious in moving everything and delivering it to your new space!

Single-Item Deliveries

Single-Item Deliveries
Sometimes even moving a solitary piece of furniture or equipment can be taxing. Most people don’t believe they should call professionals when it’s something so small. But that’s the wrong thinking. Our equipment moving service will help transport even a single couch or box full of items to the location you request!

Storage Services

Storage Services
Is your new property not ready to receive you and all of those neatly-packed belongings? Do you need some more time to clean and prepare the space? But what if you already packed everything away and don’t have the room to store it? Our residential or commercial moving and storage services can keep your things safe until the property is ready!



Move Everything With Ease

You have heavy furniture, delicate items, appliances, and so many personal belongings that your head is spinning! Each person goes through this when moving into a new space, commercial or residential. There is too much to think about, which takes away from the exciting time. If you don’t own proper equipment or have the energy to pack away everything and drive it to where it needs to go, you can ask for considerate and professional help!


We’ll Bring Whatever is Necessary!

Are you moving into a new home or office? That’s excellent news! Everyone’s natural reaction is to be extremely happy when moving; it’s fresh, a new chapter, and something to get your energy and excitement levels way up. But that’s before you start thinking about actually gathering all your belongings and furniture and dragging them to the new property. It’s tough to handle everything on your own, so we offer our services, and the process should be enjoyable instead of stressful!


Available Elsewhere

Our company is proud to provide impeccable services to clients in Edmonton, AB and the following additional areas:

  • Saint Albert, AB
  • Sherwood Park, AB
  • Beaumont; Devon, AB
  • Fort Saskatchewan, AB
  • Ottewell, AB


Call Movers 4 Sure, an experienced moving company comprised only of the best-trained professionals! Moving is tough on everybody, but with help, it doesn’t need to be! If you live in the Edmonton, AB area and want to take on moving by the horns and not have it stress you out, you can count on our team to get you what you need!

Movers 4 Sure
Edmonton, AB T5Y 0A4
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  • Residential Moving
  • Commercial Moving
  • Single-Item Deliveries
  • Storage Services


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by Sam on Movers 4 Sure
Great experience

These guys know what they are doing came in on time. Me and my wife were very stressed out they made us feel relaxed and helped us through the whole process. I will be recommending them to everyone that’s looking for affordable and great service.

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